Tool shop & Assembly

HI_Icon_toolshop_web   Precision and Perfection

Investing to stay ahead

Our extensive state of the art CNC machinery allows us to work in a highly flexible environment and to meet the highest quality standards.
PPC controled production planning ensures a smooth operation and meeting tight deadlines.
However, meeting customers’ high expectations is only made possible by our skilled, experienced and motivated team, on whom you can always count.
In addition we exclusively work together with suppliers, committed to the same work ethics and quality standards.

  • Format parts manufacturing
  • Precision parts manufacturing
  • Prototyping

Your one-stop-shop for „HI-Technology“

To maintain the highest level of quality it has always been Ilsemann´s philosophy to design, manufacture and assemble in house.
This includes software and hardware design, the production of sub and final assemblies as well as the manufacturing of electrical control cabinets.
And finally, before leaving our works your machine undergoes a vigorous in house acceptance test.

  • Complete production under one roof
  • Highly skilled team
  • Exact final inspection