Ilsemann Automation


Ilsemann Automation Niederlassung der Heino Ilsemann GmbH

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Ilsemann Automation

For more than 40 years Ilsemann Automation has been supplying system solutions to the industry. Combining highly dynamic takeout systems with precise automation solutions the most complex jobs are handled.

Satisfied customers in more than 60 countries worldwide are daily using Ilsemann Automation takeout systems and automation solutions in their production.

Key industries are food packaging, medical, healthcare as well as automotive and multimedia.

Various standard systems are available for manufacturing IML-products: plastic cutlery and disposable dinner ware, petri dishes, spray caps, multimedia boxes, to only name a few.

It is our aim to provide the most efficient solution for your specific application.

Also after sales we take good care of you and your machine. Our technical service will assist you with technical issues by phone or global on-site service. Fast spare part deliveries you can take for granted.

In addition our east coast office in the USA provides qualified on-site service in the Americas.