The BLICA-600 is a blister packaging line with a consistently modular structure. The integrated blister transfer station connects blister machine and cartoner and provides a space-saving monobloc design.

With its capacity of 600 blisters and 300 cartons per minute, the BLICA-600 is an attractive solution in the medium speed segment.
Guided touch operation in combination with short format change over times ensure that the BLICA-600 can be used with great efficiency, even for small and medium-sized production quantities.

All available product feeding technologies, as well as a large number of configurable options, make any customer-specific configuration possible with the BLICA-600.
Wide format ranges and high compatibility in packaging materials ensure a maximum flexibility.


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1. Forming foil support
User-friendly positioning of the reel to enable fast foil changes. The roll diameter is sensor-controlled incl. near end warning.

2. Heating station
Consisting of upper and lower heating plate, each with three heating zones. The heating plates automatically retract when the machine stops. The end positions of the heating plates are sensor-monitored.

3. Forming station
Designed as a platen forming with a stable four-column guide system and quick connections for compressed air and cooling. Suitable for all formable film types!

4. LED status indicator
The current operating status of the respective station is displayed.

5. Feeding area
Generous design for the integration of all common feeding technologies at an ergonomic height. Monitoring of protruding products by means of a sensor-monitored pendulum flap.

6. Blister inspection system
Detects color, presence and breakage of the products. Integrated into the machine shift register to guarantee correct discharge.

7. Lidding film reel support
User-friendly positioning of the foil to enable fast foil changes. The roll diameter is sensor-controlled incl. near end warning.

8. Sealing station
Continuous roller sealing with sensor, monitoring the end position of the sealing roller. The sealing temperature can be controlled via the control panel. Automatic retraction of sealing roller when the machine stops.

9. Punching station
Punching station with residual grate cutting and collecting container.

10. Blister transfer station
Gentle takeover of blisters from the blister machine and transfer to the product chain by means of a pick and place system and vacuum belts. Separated clean room zones between blister and cartoner module.

11. Folding carton magazine
Ergonomic work height for easy loading of carton blanks. For maintenance and format change-over the magazine can be raised to give access to all functional components.

12. Folding carton transport
Sensor-monitored transport system for the erected folding cartons.

13. Product infeed
Continuous product insertion system consisting of 15 encircling pushers.

14. Carton closing station
Suitable for all carton closing styles such as standard tuck-in, hotmelt, airplane etc. Only good packages are released incl. reject cross-check system.


Output [blisters/min]:

max. 600

Usable forming area [mm]:

258 x 205, optional 258 x 290

Sealing principle:

rotary sealing, optional platen sealing

Forming depth [mm]:

max. 12, optional 20

Reel diameter [mm]:

forming material max. 600,
lidding material max. 400

Processable forming materials:

laminated alu foils, PVC, PVDC, Aclar,
PP and others on request

Processible lid materials: hard alu, soft alu, paper / alu,
alu with defined hardness and others on request

Output [cartons/min]:

max. 300, optional 400

Mode of operation:


A – carton width [mm]: 25-105
B – carton height [mm]: 15-100
H – carton length [mm]: 65-150, optional 200


• Price-efficient format parts
• High flexibility
• Quick & easy format change-over
• Great accessibility
• Intuitive and operator friendly handling
• Ergonomic design
• Use of latest servo-technology
• Processibility of all foils and folding cartons
• Low-waste foil punching



BLICA-600 Brochure >>DOWNLOAD

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